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24 June 2008 @ 08:34 pm

Title: Hello Beautiful

Author: sleeponrooftops

Pairings: Nick/OFC, Joe/OFC
Ancillary Pairings: Kevin/OFC, Joe/Demi

Rating: R overall

POV: It changes.  Emily, Nick, Joe
Ancillary POVs: Kevin, Demi
Summary: When the boys take their best friend on tour, life gets a little… hectic.  In which relationships are formed, affairs occur, friends are torn apart, lies are made into webs, and no one really understands what the hell is going on until the end happens.

Warnings: Language.

Disclaimer: Any lyrics unless otherwise stated belong to me, but I'll probably say that in an A/N newayz.  Title belongs to The Jonas Brothers as do they.

AN: Le sigh.  I can’t believe I was convinced to actually post this… *smacks forehead*


Friends only, but first chapter's public.


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16 October 2007 @ 12:16 pm
 welcome/a few rules!!

i made this community in hopes of providing a place for jonas brothers fans to find all the best fanfic. my goal is to attempt to post only the best jonas brothers stories here in this community.

what separates the good from the bad?

excellent question. good fanfic has proper SPELLING & GRAMMAR usage. dictionary.com is your friend. use it. good fanfic also provides a UNIQUE story with UNIQUE characters. 

also do not type like this-
joe: wow, this community is really cool.
anna: yeah, i know. it rules.

write it like a story, not like a chatroom. 

if you are a writer -

THERE ARE NO RULES FOR WHAT YOU WRITE ABOUT! writing should have no boundaries. feel free to write whatever you want.

this community has moderated posts, meaning only i can approve whether a story goes through or not. if you would like your story posted in this community, please read THIS entry for the rules and how to post.

please tag your post with the appropriate tags describing your story. 

if you are a reader -

AGAIN- THERE ARE NO RULES ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE WRITE ABOUT. if you don't like what someone's written, then don't read it. its simple.

let the author know what you think of the story, as well as prospective readers. leave a reply in the entry and let people know what you think of the story. constructive critisism is welcome, constructive being the keyword. DON'T BE RUDE.

if you REALLY love a story, post it HERE. this will eventually turn into a list of fan favorites. 

i know these rules might seem harsh...

but i don't think they're too bad. again, i'm trying to post the BEST jonas brothers fanfic here. rules are necessary to get that going. :]

if you have any questions or comments, please post them! i will answer them as quickly as possible. thanks and happy posting!

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16 October 2007 @ 12:15 pm
if you are interested in becoming an affiliate with this community, please fill out the following information and post it as a reply to this post!

link to community:
community information:
why you should be an affiliate:

although i would prefer to keep it limited to jonas brothers AND/OR fanfic communities, i will consider anything. so please don't hesitate to apply!
16 October 2007 @ 03:07 am
did you stumble upon an amazing story that you just couldn't stop reading? excellent! that's our goal here. if you found a noteworthy story that you think everyone should read, LET US KNOW!

post a LINK to the entry with the story you love. the story must already be posted in this community.

you may be asking, "but i found a great story that isn't posted on this community. now what?"

send the link to my email here, and let me know which story you think is great.

when posting the link to a story, please explain why you love the story and think everyone should read it!

eventually we should have a nice list full of fan favorites!